How to Print Large Photo Backdrops

Updated July 16, 2020

My Crafting Career offers large photo backdrops that you can print at your local Staple office store or other printing company. Printable backdrops are the best! One, I don't have the time or money to find or make a wood backdrop. I also don't want to store a bunch of bulky backdrops in my limited craft space. My printable backdrops can be rolled up and stored in one poster tube. Looking for more backdrops options for your craft product photos? Check out my whole collection HERE.

These backdrops are blown up and printed at an extremely large size. As such, there will be some imperfections or slight blurriness if you look really closely. Don't worry! These look awesome as photo backdrops!

How to print your large photo backdrop

1. Download the JPG file to your computer

You will receive the file from me after your purchase is complete. Download it to your computer. You may want to create a folder of just your photo backdrops to keep them organized.

2. Call Staples or another printer

I prefer to print my backdrops at Staples, but you can call print them elsewhere. Whoever you choose (even if it's Staples), CALL AHEAD and verify that they are capable of and willing to print BLACK & WHITE ENGINEERING PRINTS or BLUEPRINTS. If so, ask them if they prefer an email or for you to bring in the file on a thumb drive. I find the 30”x42” size is sufficient for my needs (I can also trim it down a little if I need to), but you can print them larger or smaller than that. If you do, keep in mind that you may have some white space around the printed backdrop since my files are sized to 30”x42”. 

3.Get the JPG file to the printer of your choice

Once you've determined the printer you choose can print a large black and white blueprint, send them the file. If they accept emails, follow their introductions to email them the file. If they prefer you bring the file in on a thumb drive, plug the thumb drive into the USB port on your computer and drag and drop the backdrop file to the thumb drive. Bring this thumb drive to the printer. It's a good idea to confirm the price.

How to print your large photo backdrop ONLINE at

I have had some trouble with printing my backdrops at some Staples locations, but I have never had an issue just ordering it online and having it shipped to my house. You won’t be able to talk to a person face-to-face, but this is a good option if you don’t have a Staples close by.

1-Click HERE. This link will take you to the Staples blueprint page.

2-Clik on START PROJECT. A screen will pop up where you can add the file. Choose the location of the file. Once the upload is complete, click COMPLETE.

3-On the next page choose your desired size. If you choose another size other than 30"x42", you may want to click the "scale to fit" box to minimize white space around the printed image. Click NEXT

 4-On the next page choose black & white for the color option and then clock NEXT


5-The next page allows you to choose delivery. You can have it shipped to your home or the option to pickup in store may be available. Keep in mind, if you have it shipped to your home, you cannot look over it and approve the print job as you would be able to do if you pickup in person. Continue to checkout and place your order!



At my Staples I pay about $6 for the 30"x42" size. This will be less or more depending on the size you choose. An employee can help you if you choose a different size. Make sure to confirm the price.


Any employee at Staples might ask you about copyright and printing permissions. With our purchase you received a copyright statement from me.




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